Within our Website pages, we include the Menu Heading, Services, there you can locate, a Headline, "Our Process", listing  our 4 Steps,

Here we wanted to break it down just a little bit more to understand what's done once you have chosen us to work with you.

So, here it is:

Step One: ​In Home Consultation

Choosing a In Home Consultation,  is you having decided to discuss your renovation needs of your dream project with us.  If after, a one hour long discussion you decide to continue with us, we will provide a quote for your project, if you then wish to move forward, we will schedule a site measure.

So it seems simple enough for sure, right?  Well with this time of uncertainty, Covid-19, and our lockdowns, curfews, etc.  how do we meet?

We can schedule a ZOOM Meeting, online, or even meet in-person if you wish, while we follow Covid-19 protocols.But you know what, we can do the one on one talk on your phone.  Safer, eh?

Now, lets say you have decided to go with us after our expert great informative session.  We will come up with a Quote,  that would be the amount it will cost for our services, which include, Meetings, site measure,  Updated phone calls, Conceptual drawings,, and then the Building Permit Plans.  Whats next?

Step Two: Site Measure

So now we set an appointment to execute a site measure. This assists us in our conceptual design phase of the project, we come to your home, and on your schedule to measure your home to create "Existing plans" . These are the base drawings and 3D model to start the design process.

Once again, all Protocols are in place for us to perform a site measure. Nothing else to mention here it seems pretty self explanatory.

Step Three: Conceptual Design Plans & Discussion

Preliminary models and sketches are used, our team puts your vision into reality, we provide you with 2D floor plans and 3D renderings for your final approval.

Here, we use any sketches that you may have provided us, PDF's from plans on-line, and ideas not placed on paper originally, that we may have noted during the first meeting.

What is a 2D Floor Plan?  A two demoniacal drawing, produced by our Chief Architect Software.

What is a 3D Rendering Model?  This gives you a look at what your vision is, if it were already completed.  A picture of the project computer generated with our 3D software.

When you have said yes, wow it looks great, we will then proceed to our last step.

Step Four: Building Permit Plans

We jump into the Building permit Phase. We submit the final plans to the municipality for approval. these plan include; elevations and cross-sections, roof truss drawings, & more. Changes can occur due to possible variances before your plans get a final review and approval.

This process can be quick if everything on the Final set of plans is within the code of  City/municipality.  This can painstaking, but is a necessary process.

This process can take a bit of time.  If you want an idea it is best to discuss that with us to have a better idea. Once again,, every project is different..

So i hope this helps you to understand what our process. Click here to return to our Home Page, and discover, what we do.

Any more questions click at the bottom.  Have a great day, and Happy planning.