The team at Dustin Design Drafting has 15+ years experience, and work tirelessly everyday to produce the best Drawing/Plans for all their clients. Clients ranging from the regular homeowner, contractors, builders, and sometimes even other Architects.

The need for an architectural technician will all depend on the size of the remodel, renovation, and addition that you have. Small projects, such as adding a window, adding a wall, adding a cabinet, you would not need their services. That is due to not needing a Building Permit/Drawing/Plans. However, if any of the projects entail, tearing down a load bearing wall, moving electrical, moving plumbing, or extending a full section of the house out, will certainly need the services of a Architectural technician and the Building Permit Plans.

What does an architectural technician do?

An Architectural technician has a strong background in theory, project management and engineering. They normally study a program of theory that lasts 3 years. Upon graduating they are then licensed with a BCIN number - Business Code Identification Number provided by the Ministry of Ontario Affairs & Housing.

As a general rule of thumb, architectural technicians can work on projects that are no larger than 6500 sq ft. That is for both residential and small commercial spaces.

What does it cost to hire an architect?

The average cost to hire an architect technician, and especially in this case with Dustin Design Drafting; can sometimes have an hourly rate, but the majority of the projects that are worked on; a quote will be given after the very first meeting, and a consensus is in place with both client and Dustin Design Drafting concerning the new project. The fee is normally broken down into three payments.

If you prefer to hire an architect, rest assured they are not cheap.

What are the benefits of hiring an architectural technician?

  1. Can solve complex issues and provide innovative solutions.
  2. Years of experience benefit greatly
  3. Produced over 1000 custom and client inspired Designs since 2013
  4. Working Green
  5. Handles all the behind the scenes with regards to by-laws, municipal codes, etc.

Do you Need a Interior Designer?

Designers do not have the same academic background as architectural technologist, and are not experienced with engineering. Instead, they are skilled at creating functional and beautiful spaces. Designers create drawings based upon your wants, space and budget. If your budget allows, having an Architectural Technologist and Interior designer can certainly be beneficial.