Home Renovations A Key to housing for the future

Information provided by: The Canadian Home Builders Association

Home Renovations A Key to housing for the future

As homes start to age and the needs of Canadians change, ex. Are you or a family member getting older. Having mobility issues? Or you a younger family, and you want to expand your family, but square footage is just not working for you?, than your existing home, lets say one that was built around 1985 will probably need to be updated.

Did you know even as the pandemic continues, RENOVATIONS have been booming with activity, and will probably continue to be very strong throughout the rest of 2021. That mainly because many of us who are working from home, have found some time to actually look at ways to fix the drafty, non-energy efficient home, and refresh the look of your home and realize that now is probably a good time.

According to CHBA, (Canadian Home Builders Association) homes that were built around the 1985 era, are responsible for 2x the GHG (Greenhouse gas emissions are emissions of greenhouse gases created from a range of human activities that cause climate change). So renovating or retrofitting an existing home is important if you want to do your part for climate change, give your home that much needed refresh.

The Canadian government will even provide grants for energy retrofits using the (energy recovery system) ERS. That's, Net-zero technology, Kinetic energy, etc.  Energy retrofits to existing homes can be partial measures, but there is also a great opportunity at this point to do deep energy retrofits, and even get existing homes renovated to or at least on the path to net zero.


So now here is my point.  Housing supply in Ontario and Canada right now is a big challenge, price wise, and the actual inventory.  Bidding wars are actually crazy right now, and there is no sign of  that stopping anytime soon. Sooo, updating maybe the only way to lessen the strain on having to look for a newer home.

Dustin, and his team will work with you, and take a look at your older home, confer with you , discuss,  and then design your home so you can renovate the way that can be beneficial for your changing needs, and yes help the environment.

So remember, we are available for you to discuss your ideas.  Home renovation,  addition, SDU (that's in another Blog), and even talk energy efficiency.

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