Lumber Prices Falling


Well here we are the beginning of summer, well 3 weeks in to it be more specific.  The news is the the price of lumber is going to be coming down.  Why? First off, we got to give thanks to all of wonderful people out in social media  land, who have received their Covid shot, and are now or in the process of being fully vaccinated. Secondly, is that the Lumber mills are slowing opening back up. This is according to the Market Insider's report.

How does this effect us as a Design & Drafting company.  Well if you dont have the proper Design plans, you wont know what sizes or types of wood you are going to need to build.  There are so many projects on the go, and even ones that I have seen from the beginning of spring that have just sat idle, due to shortages of wood, and if not a shortage, then it was the sky rocketing price.

So this is really good news for the construction industry, and for you the consumer, who can finally take those Design plans, along with your Building permit plans, and get that project underway.

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