Design Plan Examples

Design and Drafting represents a set of drawings on a specific project requested by a client, that is created using the latest computer-aided drafting software program to create blueprints for buildings, renovations, additions, and more. All the design and drafting completed meet the building codes and bylaws for the City of Ottawa and area.  When the drawings are completed and are given to you, they will include all the information needed to complete your renovation project.

At Dustin's Design & Drafting, we offer you our complete architectural design and drafting services. Our services are entirely client driven.  We can do as much or as little for you as you like. We can simply provide a custom design or we can design what you the client would like. Dustin's Design & Drafting  can range from a simple powder room design to a full section floor addition or custom house where I take care of every detail right down to the design of the flooring We work within your budget and deliver quality at competitive prices.

There are two main ways that we approach a project:

1:  Many times the home owners are looking to get a preliminary cost of their dream renovation or custom home. One main problem with this is that most contractors would like to see a set of complete drawings. What we like to provide is a preliminary set of design drawings for ball park pricing. This is a great method for getting a design of a clients project in the right ball park. Once the project is where everyone is comfortable, then the permit drawings phase can begin.

2:  Home owners know exactly what they want as for the design. Most of the time  some sort of sketches are already drawn up. We first would have a consultation to discuss a few things, such as the zoning, verify if the project makes sense and is possible, if there is a contractor involved or not (each contractor has their own preferred method of building) We like to deal with the contractor as early in the process as possible.  Once the design is confirmed and approved the building permit drawings can start immediately.


sunroom rendering
glynn Rendering
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