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Thank you for your interest in the Dustin Design & Drafting Company. We understand the willingness to learn, they want to expand your knowledge, and even perfect the craft that is now a dedicated life journey.   With this in mind, we would invite you to help build a future on the work ethic we believe to be dedication, professionalism, and expertise.

We are looking for individuals with experience in residential drafting and design as Architectural designers.  Responsibilities in this role include, and are not limited to; site measurements, permit drawings, residential drafting, and presenting proposed design options in client meetings and presentations.
To work with our company and Team members, individuals must meet the following criteria in education, experience, and skills requirements;

Junior Technologist 0-2 yrs experience,

Intermediate Technologists 3-5+ years’ experience

In residential design/drafting, and have a Diploma in Architectural Technology or equivalent in training or experience

Knowledge of the Ontario Building Code and city/municipality By-Laws

Experience with permit applications, variances, and the committee of adjustments.

We also are looking for those who have experience with or are willing to learn, the Chief Architecture Program, as well as, have knowledge of AutoCAD and Revit
Strong technical knowledge of residential renovations and home construction

Must be able to multi-task and work independently

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills, –

Able to make decisions and problem solve

Understanding the importance of deadlines and the ability to work under pressure. Must be able to multitask and work independently

Excellent communication and interpersonal skills,  a
ble to make decisions and problem solve and understanding the importance of deadlines and the ability to work under pressure

A valid driver’s license is a requirement.

We are seeking someone imaginative, as well as, has the ability to share a client’s vision

This is an $ hourly paid position. Salary will be commensurate with the level of experience.

If you are confident that you fulfill the requirements listed above and want to join our team of hardworking young
professionals, we want to hear from you.

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