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Coach Street

Looking for kitchen/Bathroom Floor plans? Planning a kitchen or bathroom renovation? Wondering if you need to have plans for the project you have in mind? Most of the time, if you do not plan on moving walls, doors, plumbing, or electrical, you will not need permits. If it is a large renovation involving load-bearing walls, and movement of the above mentioned, Permits are required. Again, permits are in 2D, 3D rendering, if requested.


Interior Design

Embark on a design journey with us as we unveil our interior design services, adding a special touch to your home renovation. Our teamwork seamlessly integrates home renovation, interior design, and decor for cozy spaces. Opt for our sleek interior design, enjoying the seamless blend from design to decoration. Rely on us for a stylish touch that transforms your home into a chic space. Enhance your space with our interior design services, where home renovations meet style, decor, and practicality. Connect with us today to bring your dream home to life.


Addition 2D floor Plans with Images of Client Project. Whether your plans are for a new second storey floor addition, extension-back or front of the house, remember that we are here to help guide you through every step.
Additions may also Include; a larger Bathroom, Kitchen. We can assist you in whatever your future project holds.


Glynn Avenue

The owners wanted to build a new semi-detached dwelling. Each unit has a foot print of 1,772 ft² with an attached garage, open concept main floor living area, and 4 bedrooms upstairs. The unique part of this project is that we designed the basement to easily convert the area to a secondary dwelling unit (SDU) in the future.



This custom house has a footprint 3,085 ft² with a walkout basement. With the natural slope of the building lot, this walkout basement was a great solution to create more outdoor space. The unique part of this project is that it was built using ICF (insulated concrete forms).



Are a covered structure used to offer limited protection to vehicles, primarily cars, from rain and snow. The structure can either be free standing or attached to a wall. It does not have four walls, usually one or two. Carports offer less protection than garages but allow for more ventilation.


Armitage is an enclosed space that can includes: electrical, windows, proper ventilation, and heating. Garages can be used not only to store your vehicle, a possible a storage, workshop, or even a craft space.

Decks / Patios


Outdoor Spaces for family/friends to enjoy – There is a lot of choices when it comes making your outdoor space, a space for all to enjoy. This can include: a deck, or patio attached to your new custom-built home. Other possibilities: changing up the older deck or patio that has been an eyesore for a few years. Lastly, how about a Gazebo, or Pergola, sauna or sun room. Creating that new space for family and friends.

SDU Secondary Dwelling


Are you looking to add a new bedroom, close off some walls, add a small powder room bathroom, or just freshen up an old space. Furthermore, if you are planning a secondary dwelling unit, rental apartment with its own kitchen and bathroom. Clients must be aware of the fire codes for having a basement apartment. It will include regulation egress windows, and there must also be a fire door installed as well.

Secondary Dwellings

Coach House

Kevin Ave.

In Ottawa to build a Coach House there are specific regulations to be followed: Secondary homes can be no greater than 40% of the main house size, and use no more than 40% of the yard space.

They can only be a single storey home. No rooftop patios are allowed. Water and sewage for secondary homes must be shared with the primary home.
Coach homes cannot be built if the main home already has a rental unit.



We strive to not only assist you in designing and building your sunroom, but also make the process as easy and enjoyable as possible for you. Make your own custom room to fit your needs. Our design experts will make sure you get a room that fits your home and lifestyle.

Six Plex Complex


If you are an investor looking at building a duplex, Tri plex, 4 or 6 Plex. We have you covered.


Project Management Services

As your Project management team, we will help manage your construction project by taking care of things.

  • planning
  • organizing
  • resource allocation
  • communication of all contractors and sub-trades
  • Tracking project milestones
  • and more.

Project management can be a daunting task for the inexperienced. Not hiring a team can lead to possible missed deadlines, unfinished projects, and you, an unhappy client. However, having a team can save time and stress. Furthermore, the Project team manager can be turned to for help when things get tough. Therefore, the pros of not hiring a project management team outweigh the cons in most cases. It’s an affordable way to ensure your project meets expectations.

Here are examples of the benefits of hiring a project management team for your project.

  • They Managing and tracking the project effectively from start to finish:

Hiring a team can help you manage and track your project more effectively. Having someone on board who can act as an extra set of eyes during the project will help avoid any mistakes from being made.

  • Ensuring everyone is up-to-date with industry trends and best practices:

A PMT (Project management team) will ensure that all team members are up-to-date with the latest industry trends and best practices. This way, they will be able to give you valuable insights and suggestions that may save you time and money in the long run.

  • Saving you time and money:

A PMT will handle certain tasks for you while also saving you time. For instance, they may be responsible for preparing project management documents, conducting project audits, or liaising with other team members. In this way, you’ll be able to focus more on your project goals without having to worry about pesky details like project management.

Not hiring a Project Management Team can have several consequences:

  •  it can result in project delays and budget overruns
  •  it can lead to the contractor, or sub-trades burnout and absenteeism
  •  it will diminish your overall morale


“Dustin Poole of Dustin Design helped develop and finalize the design and its requirements for our major home renovation project. At the start, he inherited a set of poorly executed documents from a previous design contractor and provided permit-ready drawings in short order. He was also able to provide innovative design solutions to many of the challenges that arose from modifying the internal structures of a home. Dustin patiently took the time to understand our requirements, which necessarily changed over time as we saw the realization of the design changes. He also worked well with the construction contractors to ensure that the details of the project were fully understood.”
Fred Jacobs
Camwood Crescent Project
We worked with Dustin Design Drafting on the project to add a 400 square foot second story addition to our family home. The footprint was predetermined, nonetheless Dustin did an excellent job of working with us to maximize the use of space. He collaborated with us, and our contractor, during the design and drafting phase to meet everyone’s needs and specifications. He listened, was flexible, and readily available throughout the course of the project. The result is a beautiful space that we are extremely happy with, and enjoying.
Marcia & Nic
“It was great to work with Dustin and his team on our custom home building plans. Our building site presented may design challenges and the team was able to make the necessary adjustments quickly and efficiently. The finals plans moved through the permit process without any issues. In addition, the ability to get a final CAD version of the plans from Dustin has allowed us to drill down into the details to help the various trades and to make any necessary adjustments quickly during construction.”
Stephe & Dianne
April 14, 2021
We retained the services of Dustin Design and Drafting to design our home due to his knowledge and expertise in construction and design. Throughout the design process, Dustin and Olivia were very responsive and always put us first. We communicated almost daily and they accommodated every change we requested to make the house exactly what we wanted. They took time to explain everything to us. During the building permit application process, their quick response to the city’s questions helped us obtain the permit in a timely manner. We are glad to have made the right decision in hiring Dustin.
Duy Nguyen


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