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EY Centre

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  Is to create, provide tips and ideas,  and work through any possible issues that can occur, during the design and drafting process. Furthermore, while working with us, you will always have your say. Our team specializes in all aspects of residential & commercial construction. By choosing Dustin Design & Drafting, we guarantee your satisfaction.
We are a locally owned company in the Ottawa Valley & have been serving the region since 2013. We are recognized by local authorities and acknowledged by the Ministry of Municipal Affairs & Housing

Frequently asked questions

What is a BCIN #?

BCIN stands for Building Code Identification Number. All Architectural Technicians must have this number to work in Ontario. The Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing (the Ministry responsible for theOntario Building Code, or OBC) requires a certain minimal level of proficiency be demonstrated by practitioners in the application of the building code.

How long is the Building Permit Approval Process with a Municipality?

Applying for a Building Permit

Applications for a building permit must include:

  • Completed application form
  • Two sets of Plans-examples
  • Building Permit Fee payment
  • Specification documents if required(provide examples)

Application Form

Building Permit applications are submitted using the Provincial authorized Building Permit Application Form.It is recommend that you take the time required to read and carefully complete your application form and schedules.It is important that you ensure that your application is complete,accurate and signed.

Plans,drawings and specifications

Building Permit applications must be submitted with two sets of the following documentation:

  • A building plan(floor plans,elevations and cross-sections and details,roof truss drawings,as appropriate)
  • A property survey or site plan
  • A grading plan
  • A septic permit plan where applicable

For more about the approval process from the City of Ottawa Visit their website for More


What is an Architectural Technologist?

Generally, architectural technologistsor technicians who develop designs either manually and/or with computer-aided design software (CAD, Reddit, Chief Architect). A technician examines building codes, by-laws,space requirements, site requirements, and other technical documents and reports. Follow building regulations and other legal requirements. Technologists can design projects up to 6500 sq ft of Residential or commerical space. Architect’s are specifically trained in design, and are educated in many other areas, including Civil Law, Contract Law, Planning Policy, Building Regulations and many other legislations. They are the pinnacle in building design. An Architect is trained to be able to offer support from the beginning of a major project to the end; including the construction phase,with particular skill in administering construction contracts.

Can we have a Coach House on our Property?

 A Coach house is a separate unit that is located on the same lot as an main residence or house.

Coach House regulations:

It cannot be any greater than 40% of the main house size, and use no more than 40%of the yard space. It can only be one single storey.  No rooftop patios are allowed.  The water, electricity must be shared from the main residence. Lastly, if the main home already has a rental unit or secondary dwelling, you cannot build a Coach House on the property.

To Learn more about Coach Houses and the regulations in Ottawa Visit their Website


What are your Fees?

Every project that we deal with is not always alike, and pricing will most certainly be calculated by its qualities. We calculate projects, on a quote by quote basis.Some projects may be less complex than others, and it will be easier at times to assess and give a quote. For those more complex quotes, here are some factors that make the difference.

  1. How many storeys are involved
  2. How much square footage(Note:Dustin Design Drafting can only do up to 6500 sq ft.)
  3. What type of structure is being discussed
  4. Documentation ready
  5. Difficulty

For more information get in touch with our team

Great to work with Dustin

“It was great to work with Dustin and his team on our custom home building plans. Our building site presented may design challenges and the team was able to make the necessary adjustments quickly and efficiently. The finals plans moved through the permit process without any issues. In addition, the ability to get a final CAD version of the plans from Dustin has allowed us to drill down into the details to help the various trades and to make any necessary adjustments quickly during construction.”

Stephe & Dianne

April 14, 2021

Camwood Crescent Project

“Dustin Poole of Dustin Design helped develop and finalize the design and its requirements for our major home renovation project. At the start, he inherited a set of poorly executed documents from a previous design contractor and provided permit-ready drawings in short order. He was also able to provide innovative design solutions to many of the challenges that arose from modifying the internal structures of a home. Dustin patiently took the time to understand our requirements, which necessarily changed over time as we saw the realization of the design changes. He also worked well with the construction contractors to ensure that the details of the project were fully understood.”

Fred Jacobs

Duy Nguyen

We retained the services of Dustin Design and Drafting to design our home due to his knowledge and expertise in construction and design. Throughout the design process, Dustin and Olivia were very responsive and always put us first. We communicated almost daily and they accommodated every change we requested to make the house exactly what we wanted. They took time to explain everything to us. During the building permit application process, their quick response to the city’s questions helped us obtain the permit in a timely manner. We are glad to have made the right decision in hiring Dustin.

Duy Nguyen

Marcia and Nic

We worked with Dustin Design Drafting on the project to add a 400 square foot second story addition to our family home.  The footprint was predetermined, nonetheless Dustin did an excellent job of working with us to maximize the use of space.  He collaborated with us, and our contractor, during the design and drafting phase to meet everyone’s needs and specifications.  He listened, was flexible, and readily available throughout the course of the project.  The result is a beautiful space that we are extremely happy with, and enjoying.

Marcia and Nic