Do you have questions about what may be required for your project? We can help!

What is your Fee?

Most companies calculate costs by square footage. It’s better to tell it like it is. We’ll make a quote. We’ll follow this quote. Consequently, the BUILDING PERMIT DRAWINGS will not change. Please note that there are other fees for other services. Such as Structural Engineering drawings, HVAC, and electrical. Drawings provided by other companies in that particular field are also required for your building permit.

What regions of Ottawa do you serve?

We serve the City of Ottawa, and eastern Ontario. Contact us if you would like to know if we can assist you with your project. We will be sure to let you know. Our company has completed projects for clients all over the country, including British Columbia, Newfoundland, and Prince Edward Island. We will do our part to assist if we can.

What makes Dustin Design & Drafting, competitive? Why should I choose you over other companies in Ottawa?

The expertise and knowledge of our team ensure that all drawings meet current City requirements and are up-to-date. Throughout the design and drafting process, we provide our clients with personalized service to meet their needs.

I have experience in architectural and construction firms, which has not only enabled me to do my job well, but also allowed me to establish relationships with people who may be able to provide assistance in clarifying certain processes.   

Strong work ethic, honesty, and excellent working relationships are key qualities in this industry. Quality over quantity.



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